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Joshua cares deeply about his clients, stands up for them in and out of court, and enforces their rights.

Help! The North Carolina State Bar Opened a Grievance Against Me. What Do I Do?

Almost anything can trigger the opening of a grievance at the North Carolina State Bar, but typically someone submits a complaint. And while a complaint usually comes from a client or former client, it can really come from anyone: an opposing party, a client’s spouse or relative, an opposing counsel, a judge, or even just someone with an unhealthy obsession with you. There is a no “standing” requirement.

Meet Joshua

Joshua is an experienced trial attorney who focuses his practice on representing lawyers, physicians, nurses, dentists, land surveyors, engineers, real estate agents, accountants, and other professionals in legal proceedings before administrative licensing boards. He assists clients in navigating issues related to highly regulated professions, including the unauthorized practice of law and issues before the Board of Law Examiners. Joshua also provides confidential, practical advice to lawyers and law firms facing professional ethics dilemmas, including Bar or criminal investigations, employee theft, unfair competition and business practices, firm dissolutions, and other risk management. Joshua can also audit or investigate trust account records and provide guidance on how to correct trust accounting errors and maintain best practices.

We represent all kinds of licensed professionals


We represent lawyers being investigated and prosecuted by the State Bar.  We also audit lawyer trust accounts and advise on best practices and ethics.

Medical Professionals

We represent physicians before the Medical Board in misconduct investigations and in trials before the Board.


We represent Certified Public Accountants in investigations and prosecutions by the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners.

Engineers & Surveyors

We advise and represent engineers and land surveyors in matters before The North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors.


We litigate on behalf of pharmacists being investigated or prosecuted by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

Counselors & Therapists

Whether you are a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, if you have issues with your licensing board, we can help.

Realtors & Brokers

We represent real estate professionals in a variety of matters before the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

General Contractors

We represent General Contractors in investigations and litigation with The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.

And Many more...


As a general contractor, I have entrusted Josh Walthall with my legal needs for over 4 years.  He has assisted with contract negotiations, subcontractor issues, and trusted legal advice.  Throughout our time together, Josh has always had our company's best interest at heart. He takes the time to not only represent the law in your case, he takes the time to represent the individual in need of help within the law. He is an asset to anyone who uses him. We recommend his services highly."
General Contractor
Lewisville, NC
Josh has been wonderful!  He's done such a great job handling my grievance with the State Bar.  I don't know where I'd be without him and I'm honored to have him as my attorney."
Winston-Salem, NC
I hired Josh to review my trust account to ensure my procedures were compliant with North Carolina State Bar regulations. Josh performed an in depth audit and made several valuable recommendations regarding best practices for my firm. I strongly recommend his services for any law firm wanting a scrupulous third party to review its trust accounting."
Charlotte, NC
Josh Walthall really helped me out, and I highly recommend him.  He listened carefully to the concerns I had with the Electrician Board, then he made a few phone calls and suggested a simple solution that wouldn't involve me paying him, which I readily accepted.  Problem solved.  I'm very thankful to have come across a lawyer who found a resolution that somehow didn't involve me paying him any legal fees."
Hendersonville, NC
It was a pleasure to work with Josh. His professionalism, responsiveness, demeanor, and expertise made a difficult situation as pleasant as possible. Additionally, with his guidance we were able to attain the desired successful outcome. I am grateful that my path led me to Josh."
Chapel Hill, NC
Josh is obviously very knowledgeable about the State Bar process, having worked there for so long, and he does an excellent job of explaining the best approach to take with the Grievance Committee.  He'll always be the first call I make when faced with any Bar issues."
Raleigh, NC
*Each case is different; not all cases turn out well. These testimonials are not intended to suggest that I win every case or that all of my cases work out as my clients and I hope.
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Feel free to reach out to me over email, phone, this website, or text if you have an issue with a licensing board or administrative agency. I never charge anyone a dime to have an initial phone call and figure out if they would benefit from my help. And I’ll be candid with you about whether or not you need a lawyer: I’ve told countless prospective clients that they shouldn’t pay me anything because they don’t need my help. My mobile number is 919-801-6208, and my email is Reach out anytime.